Francesca Tacchi was born in 1994 and spent xir early life in Lonate Pozzolo, a little town in north-western Italy.  Always a weird child, xir favourite games were exorcising ‘evil spirits’ from xir primary school grounds and drawing pentacles in xir grandma’s garden – much to nonna’s dismay.

In a twist to a common trope, xir parents would have loved for xem to become a painter, but xe chose to follow xir one true love instead: science. Xe graduated summa cum laude in chemistry (well, technically, ‘Photochemistry and Molecular Materials’, but that’s quite a mouthful) at the University of Bologna, and xe’s currently working in the radiation protection field.

Xe’s also a huge history nerd, a passion xe cultivates with xir spouse, as they are both quite obsessed with Byzantine and ancient Mediterranean history. Truly, a match made in Πορφύρα.

Francesca’s writing is heavily influenced by xir own personal experiences.

Xir neurodiversity led xem to explore the potential of writing neuroatypical, flawed characters who try their best to navigate the world. Self-acceptance is a pervasive theme in xir stories.

Being bisexual and non-binary, xe also feels strongly about queer representation in fiction, and strives to include characters of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities in xir stories.

Last but not least, xe likes to share elements of xir culture and xir country’s folklore through xir works.  Xe grew up in a radically different culture from that of the US, that dominates media, and xe’d like to share xir different perspective on story-telling with the anglophone publishing world.