Novellas are cool as heck

Lately I find myself struggling to keep reading entire, full-length novels. Life has became too tiring, I have difficulties concentrating on something for too long and I’m always searching for new stimuli. So, novellas are the perfect read for me. Usually, novellas are stories in the range of 20-40k words – at least those published by, which are the ones I read. I personally find it a beautiful range to work with (even tried writing one myself!) because it… Leggi tutto »Novellas are cool as heck

Thoughts on Spin the Dawn

I’m halfway through this book and I have to say, I’m liking it a LOT. However, I have some issues with its themes that I want to get off my chest. So, here I am, rambling about what I found a bit problematic about Spin the Dawn. StD story follows Maia, a young woman who disguises herself as a man in order to win a contest to become the Emperor’s tailor. It was pitched as Mulan meets Project Runway for… Leggi tutto »Thoughts on Spin the Dawn

Books and family

CW: suicide, abuse I just finished one of the best book I’ve read in 2019: Jade City, by Fonda Lee. I utterly loved it, it’s a compelling story with unforgettable characters, and I’m already itching to get my hands on the sequel. So, what are you waiting for? Go read it! This won’t be a review, though. Because one of the reasons Lee’s books struck me so hard is that… it revolves around a family, into which I’ve seen my… Leggi tutto »Books and family

Holy sister more like holy fuck

(Sorry in advance for my wonky English, I’m writing this in a rush because I just HAVE TO) This won’t be a proper review, I can’t do those, I’m way too emotional to write them. And I’m definitely too emotional now, since I just finished Holy Sister by Mark Lawrence, third book in the Book of the Ancestor series – or how I call it, the Nunjas Trilogy. And OH BOY what a book. It left me all warm and… Leggi tutto »Holy sister more like holy fuck