I’ve been interviewed!!

My friend Natalie, who has an amazing youtube channel (check it out!) just interviewed me via Skype! We talk about my book, ASHES TO ASHES, Italian culture in media and Avatar: The Last Airbender. If you want to listen to my awful accent and my even more awful laughs, just click here! It’s gonna be fun!

On writing non binary characters

So, you are a cis author who wants to show their support for our community by writing a non binary character. I commend you! However, when writing a non binary character, there are in my opinion as a non binary person some missteps that ough to be avoided. Let me list them here, in this handy short guide on how to write a non binary character. Disclaimer: of course, this doesn’t want to be a perfect, sacred text. Other nonbinary… Leggi tutto »On writing non binary characters

On Writing Characters with Mental Illnesses

(Image: The Depression Monster by Toby Allen) CW: Depression, Suicide I suffer from depression. I’ve been diagnosed at the age of ninenteen (I’m now 24) and need constant medication, since there’s something screwed in my serotonine cycle. My grandfather suffered from severe bipolar disorder. My best friend, too, has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. So, you see, I’m quite familiar with mental illnesses. And because of this, I usually hate, hate, HATE the way they’re portrayed in media (books,… Leggi tutto »On Writing Characters with Mental Illnesses